iOS Search Went Back in Time

Just swiping around the pages of icons and the search screen on my iPhone without any objective, for the sake of enjoying the smoothness of it, and was wondering if the searches in iOS is really as fast as the counterpart Finder in the OS X, which is blazing fast when I’m searching on the OS X. So I decided to randomly search for something in my phone.

And so I search for “lol”


And not surprisingly, it shows the result very very fast, showing all my messages with my buddy that contains that word, and then I remembered…

I don’t have any message, but wonder how the search will get the result of old messages, but not recent one, which I deleted no longer than half hour, tapping on the search result simply bring me to Messages, without any message to be displayed.  Maybe iOS haven’t start some caching and indexing, maybe it’s purely a bug? It’s good that we might be able to recover some message from deleted messages (provided the preview showing the text), but also some minor privacy issue where people might be able to preview some of the contents on our phone.

Humble Music Bundle

Discovered Humble Bundle 2 years ago, and ever since Humble Bundle continue to offer great indie games with name your price model, and developers were kind enough to include their soundtrack with the bundle.

Humble Bundle just did something not game related (not entirely though), they introduce a music bundle, it came with 6 albums, though I might not heard any of the artists before, but I can tell they all produced hell good music, I got myself the bundle and I love almost all the albums (personally not interested with any game soundtrack, beside during in game). Looking forward for another music bundle!, Microsoft updated their web mail

Microsoft just released their new web mail,, which heavily based on their awesome Metro UI Modern UI, and it’s so smooth and responsive compared to the old version.


Everything looks so gorgeous now (except those spams migrated nicely to my new inbox), the function bar (which I name it) now placed on top and bigger and easier to use. Clicking on the smiley face icon on the top right corner will bring up the chat panel on the right. I still not able to get it to show list of my friends who are currently online (at the time I’m testing it, and I just test it on my offline contact), though I can get to them by typing their name in the box. The new chat box also looks nice, but they seems like removed some icon, like the (h5) high five icon.

Composing email now made it even more easy to the eyes compared to the previous version.

Overall design of the new is amazing, so does the Metro UI, though it gave me some familiar feel with the Google+ and new Gmail interface — big plain blocky button.

It’s too late for it to be my primary email account now, but it would be a nice secondary email use to sign up account or  use to contact with some unknown contacts, to reduce spam chances on my new Gmail address.


Seems like whenever it loading the interface or new mail/chat message, the whole thing will get super laggy for a laptop that running on Intel graphics.

Beside not able to show (or I just couldn’t figure out how) to display my online contacts on the messenger, it also didn’t change the browser title to notify me new messages like old Hotmail does, instead it showing the count on the small icon on the top right corner. This feature is useful for people that working on other window and does not have access to speaker for sound notification.

HTML5 Video, Leaving IE Users

While composing my previous post, I wanted to add a video to show the animation that I’m mention, so I decided to capture screen shots to show it on my post.

Lucky enough OS X came with many useful apps that most people might not aware about them, and download third party apps for the exact functionality. To capture the screen (in video), I use Quicktime’s screen recording function to capture iPhone Simulator and output as .mov file, then use a nice little free convertor called Adapter, to convert into flv, and was looking for WordPress plugin to post a video since then.

I have came across few, like Stream Video Player and JW Player, they both offer simple video browser to pick from my upload library, and generate the video player, but it keeps saying permission error when it plays, even though I already set permission 777 on uploads and plugin folder, no luck.

Then I remembered the HTML5 video, and the Gizmodo post, I decided to leave legacy browser behind, namely the IE 6 – 8, and go for HTML5 video. So I convert the mov file into mp4 and ogv, mainly because not all browser plays the same format as shown here. With a simple <video> with multiple source for supported browser to download.

Here is the markup I used:
[cc lang=”html4strict”]

Your browser does not support the video tag.
It just that simple, it work nicely on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but on mobile safari, there will be a big play button that suppose showing at the center but it didn’t, and the preview image is clipped, but it plays well.

I guess the width in the <video> is too large for mobile screen, so the mobile browser just clipped the preview image, since in iOS it going to play in apps anyway. I suppose there are JavaScripts library or some responsive styling will fix it, but it’s not a show stopper for me at the moment and I’m doing a quick posting, might look into it in the future though.

Mobile Apps Development Experience

I’ve started to look into JavaScript to be use in web project as much as possible ever since I last built a web game with jQuery. During my service in previous company, my team was assigned an assignment to research on mobile apps development, we’ve focusing on technology other than native, as we don’t have the skills for Java and Objective-C.

We’ve came out with few option, Appcelerator , Rhomobile , OpenPlug (Discontinued), and PhoneGap . Rhomobile was out of the picture very quickly, as it uses MVC style to code, and the team is not proficient in the style at that time. I’ve taken the rest to test drive.

OpenPlug then removed from our option, as it uses ActionScript, MXML to build and design the apps, which is then again, the team don’t have the skills on these technology. Even though it claim to compile the code into native code (which is appealing to me) and it has iOS simulator (a plus as well, as the team only have one MacBook).

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Blog Migration

continued from

Finally, after failed several times when trying to use the Blogger to WordPress migration option provided by, I exported my Blogger’s data and imported to WordPress, works smoothly, hooray data liberation!

While waiting me to get a WordPress hosting and domain, I’ll probably need to clean up some formatting lost (template level CSS that I added to apply style for all posts), permalinks to fix the Blogger to WordPress page rank lost (not that I have any, it’s a nice thing to play around though), and some photo hosted at my Picasa account.

WebGL Music Video

Excited to see, music video created using WebGL, is a music video for Norah Jones’ song, throughout the music video, we can look around, lots of great things is happening in the surrounding, and it got Mario, and Megaman inside! WebGL apps, great music.

In order to load WebGL using Chrome in Windows XP, one have to run Chrome using some parameter, chrome.exe –ignore-gpu-blacklist.